1. Let's start with creating the disk. Take the four pie-slices and screw them together. Use the sunken holes to screw the screws in, and make sure the force of the screws snugly push the sides together.
  2. Next, let's prepare the tone-arm. Take the tonearm, feed the long coloured cables through, so their sockets are still available for the cartridge to hook up to. There is a bit of fidgeting to get them exposed and pulled through at the oter end.
  3. Grab the h-shaped cradle, place it under the tonearm, and lock it in place with the small pin. Make sure the cables escape untangled by the cradle, and that they go downwards.
  4. Drop two ball bearing into the middle of the wooden board, and one in the top right corner. Make sure they're flat against the surface.
  5. Now place the tonearm with the cradle facing down into the top right ball bearing.
  6. Take the spindle, push it through from above into the hole in the disk you created before.
  7. Push a ball bearing and the two washers into the spindle from below.
  8. Place the disk into the centre-most ball bearings, and make sure it's fairly well balanced and spins freely.
  9. Take the u-shaped rest for the record player, and push it in the right middle hole.
  10. Grab the stepper motor, place it in from underneath, into the huge hole you've made in the top left, with its connectors facing right (inwards). Screw it in place with the nylon screws and washers, until if fits snugly. Now unturn each screw two rounds, to avoid vibrations travelling into the board.
  11. Take the 3-step switch, place it however it pleases you into the front left hole you've made, from underneath. Screw it in place with the accompanying nut.
  12. Take the motor pulley, make note of the cut-out, and place it accordingly onto the motor shaft. Do so carefully, otherwise you may partly break it and/or off-align it, introducing a wow-sound into the records further on!
  13. Take the three legs, and place them into their slots from underneath. If you've drilled somewhat precisely, they should fit snugly, and not need glue. If they do, they do.
  14. Grab the rubber band, place it around the motor pulley and the disk.
  15. Last but not least, take the felt disk, and place it over the spindle!