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It's our members who support future projects, give inspiration for new ideas and create newer and improved kits.


What you get

Early access

Get early access to the latest code, nightly builds, latest features and the like.

Product orders

Order our products made in London.

Courses & classes

We run regular classes in London, weekly hacker sessions and flight sessions on demand.

You also get...

You get your cryptographic key, which unlocks your memberships and our first 6 product releases.

We will post you this 3d-printed key customised with your initials.

What you can expect

Full instructions

All our products come with a beautifully printed book. If you choose to not buy the kit from us, you can download the instruction book as a PDF.

The proceedure of building our products can be followed by mostly anyone able to handle a screwdriver and connect a few jumper cables, following instructions. You can get the kit pre-soldered too.

There's actually an immense amount of maths and science that goes into robotics. That's why Picopter has been used in classrooms to teach aerodynamics and why fathers have bought the kit for their daughters to spark interests in the STEM field.

We are also shipping Picopters to universities from India to Mexico. It is a platform for post-grads to build out their own drone-projects, unrestricted.

Just a thought - can you get your son interested in console games, flying drones and such? Bring him along to a hacker session, and perhaps programming and maths will come more natural.


We offer weekly hacker-spaces in London. But not just that - the parts themselves are standardised, you can add your own code to the Raspberry Pi, and attach more functionality.

Come share your mods, get help past a particularly nasty bug or collaborate with others either over the world wide web or in our hackerspaces.

Sourced parts

The stuff selected for our projects come from The Raspberry Pi Foundation, Adafruit and HobbyKing - nothing fancy, but very replaceable and upgradeable.

What not to expect...


All parts possible are 3D-printed, giving them a solid, rugged, but easily replaceable nature. The electronics are standardised, not specifically made for the chassis of the robotics. You won't find bells and whistles, there's not even an app - you fly from the browser interface.

RTF drone

Our products are handmade in London, but the idea is that you build it yourself. No kit takes us longer than 2h to build, from start to finish. The idea is that you know what goes in it, how to hack it and how to fix it.

Only drones

Well, it's not just a Raspberry Pi-based drone here.

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What you can expect in your journey with Picopter

  • Joining

    January 2019

    You become a member of the Picopter club, right here

  • Cryptographic key

    January 2019

    You receive your key to unlock the Picopter universe

  • Kit #1

    January 2019

    We're launching our first product, the Picopter Head

  • Hacker sessions

    January 2019

    We're beginning to hold Hacker Sessions in Mile End, London. Each Wednesday, 9am - 10pm

  • Kit #2

    February 2019

    Our second product can be ordered, preliminarily Picopters Record Player

  • Delivery of Kit #1

    February 2019

    Bought, printed, tested, flashed, packaged and shipped.

  • Robotics courses

    February 2019

    Holding courses in London and beyond, on robotics and Raspberry Pi for families, hackers, makers and doodlers.

  • Delivery of Kit #2

    February 2019

    Bought, printed, tested, flashed, packaged and shipped.

  • Launching Kit #3

    February 2019

    Kit #3 is scheduled to be the Raspberry Pi-based quadcopter. Control it from your phone, another Raspberry Pi or remotely over 3G.

  • One kit launched each month

    March 2019 and beyond

    We are releasing one of our kits per month

  • First kit goes Open Source

    June 2019

    To allow our business to survive, and to perfect the kits, we are releasing our Open Source instructions, code and .stl-files to the public 6 months after each kit saw the light of day.

I will always, always remember this day for the rest of my life

Ruben 9 year old co-pilot after attending a test-drive session

What is Picopter anyways?

It's based on the rather stupid idea of making a drone on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. We sell drones and other robotics in kits, ready for you to build and fly/walk/run/drive on your own. It's for you who wants to take your first stumbling steps into robotics, for you who want your kid engaged in the field of the future, and for you who want to take your tinkering to a level your maths, engineering skills and time might not be able to on your own.